Smooth Rub

Rs. 999.00

It’s time for a new easy, quick, and best of all painless shave method! Say no to razors, expensive treatments, and painful waxing with our Smooth Rub!

 Painless Hair Removal
 Saves lots of ₹₹₹
 Exfoliates Skin
 Soft and Silky Skin
 Removes heel calluses



Our Smooth Rub will help you get rid of undesirable hair wherever and whenever. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best performing tool for hair removal. Our Smooth Rub can last you up to 3 years! Which will easily help you prevent from spending thousands of ₹₹₹ on laser hair removal or waxing strips!


 Guarantees To Remove Unwanted Hair
 Can Exfoliate your skin gently
 No more ingrown hairs
 Slows down future growth of hair
 Lasts Up to 3 Years – Help Save thousands of ₹₹₹
 Eco Friendly & Re-usable
 Chemical as well as pain free!

How Does It Work?

Smooth Hair Rub makes the hairs break and get removed from the skin when rubbed gently. This not only removes unwanted hair from your skin but at the same time exfoliates it as well! Unveiling gentle and baby smooth skin 

How To Use?

Simple take a shower or wash the area where you want to remove hair from with warm water.
Then take the Smooth Hair Rub and rub it with moderate pressure in the area you want to remove hair from.
Once the hairs are removed, simply rinse the skin as well as Smooth Hair Rub with water!


In which areas can I use it?

Our product is safe to use on legs, arms, chest, and other areas, however while dealing with areas having delicate skin, avoid putting too much pressure.

Will rubbing the smooth hair rub make me dark?
Not at all! It in fact it exfoliates your skin which will help you get a brighter skin!

When should I use the Smooth Hair Rub for best results?
The best time to use it is always after warm showers or baths.

How many times shall I Use It?
It depends on an individual, some of our customers use it once a week while some use it once in 2-3 weeks. It totally depends upon your growth rate.

My skin has strawberry appearance, can this help me?
Yup! Our product is great at reducing the strawberry appearance from the skin and at the same time helps to reduce the razor bumps as well.

How to clean Smooth Rub?
It is very easy, just put it under running water after using it and let the water wash away any hair or debris.

Note: There are different color variants of this product, colors would be sent based on availability.