Pheromonie Perfume For Men -100 ml

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Want More Attention From Girls?

"I wore this at the club, and girls kept coming up to me šŸ¤£ This is a cheat code. keep this stuff on the low." - David. D

Benefits Of Pheromonieā„¢

šŸ’¦ Extra attention -Ā whether its your crush, or you want girls looking your way, Pheromonieā„¢ has you covered (literally)

Ā  Ā šŸ˜ˆĀ More ConfidenceĀ - Walk into any room feeling like you own the place, its time to make 2022 yours.

Ā šŸ˜Ā SmellĀ AttractiveĀ -Ā One of the best feelings is when someone compliments your smell, well Pheromonieā„¢ will ensure that + more ;)

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So How Does Pheromonieā„¢ Work?

Ā Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting like hormones outside the body of the secreting individual,Ā to affect the behavior of the receiving individuals.Ā Pheromonieā„¢Ā combines Pheromones with natural aphrodisiacs such as rose, vanilla and yuzu as binding agents.Ā To get your crush texting back....

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Chocolate Perfume For Men -100 ml

Type: Perfumes
Country of Origin: INDIA

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